Wheelchair accessible vehicles designed for a comfortable ride

Although measures like disabled parking spaces certainly help wheelchair bound drivers and passengers, wheelchair accessible vehicles are by far the best way of ensuring a comfortable, safe and easy journey.

Ideally, most wheelchair users like the option of being able to secure their chair inside a vehicle and travel from the comfort of their chair. This negates the need for the traveler to get in and out of their wheelchair at the beginning and end of each journey. This can be a difficult procedure and often requires the help of other people. Wheelchair accessible vehicles help disabled people independently move themselves in and out of a vehicle. Many accessible vehicles will take on the appearance of a small van but with additional windows in the rear. The rear will be clear of seating so as to allow room for a wheelchair and there will be universal wheelchair restraints to secure the chair in place during the journey.

As well as room in the rear of the vehicle to allow for travelling in a wheelchair, wheelchair accessible vehicles will also feature low floors for easy access. A lowered floor also ensures plenty of headroom for a comfortable ride when sitting in a wheelchair. Many offer 56 inches of headroom. A hydraulic ramp will also be fitted to most accessible vehicles making it incredibly easy for a wheelchair to be moved in and out of the vehicle. Powered winches are sometimes employed to assist the carer with maneuvering the wheelchair inside the vehicle. Lowering suspension is another feature found on some handicap vehicles. In effect, this allows the vehicle to drop closer to the ground making it far easier for the wheelchair to enter the vehicle.

Many accessible vehicles have been expertly modified to allow for easy access and some top car makers supply accessible vehicles. Mercedes, Fiat, Ford, Kia and Renaults all produce cars that are either suitable for wheelchair access or which can be easily converted by specialist engineers.

Twamco.co.uk is a leading stockist of accessible vehicles. Their exhaustive pre-sale check means every single vehicle is of the highest quality and a generous part exchange system allows drivers to part exchange any vehicle for an accessible one.



wheelchair accessible vehicles by twamco.co.uk. We at The Wheelchair Accessible Motor Company travel extensively to maintain a large and varied selection of hand picked (and hard to come by) wheelchair accessible cars and vans. Visit their website today if you’re looking for handicap vehicles.


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