Shop at the pet store for unrivaled choice and expert advice on nutrition

Once the children are a little bit older and more responsible, then it might be time to start listening a bit more seriously to their clamouring for mum and dad to get a dog. Dogs are great pets to have around the house. They’re fun, loyal and loving. A walk is always more of an event with a dog in tow.

Prospective owners need to think carefully about their new responsibilities if they buy a new puppy. This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. People need to budget for their new friend. There are vets bill to think about, plus all the food and accessories they need, like beds, toys, collars and leads.

Being a responsible owner means take care of all their needs. Dogs need to be exercised daily. Larger breeds especially need to walk miles every day to stay fit, happy and healthy. But in return any new owner will get that unconditional love from their canine companion.

Diet forms the cornerstone of their well being. When it comes to pet food there’s no one size fits all approach. Dogs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Different breeds have different nutritional needs. It’s also important to consider what stage they are at in life. Puppies are growing fast so need food specially formulated to help them develop. At the other end of the spectrum more senior dogs might need food that helps keep their joints moving freely.

Shopping at a dedicated pet store makes a big difference. It’s not just champion breeders who take pet nutrition seriously. Every owner needs to take the time to understand their pet’s dietary needs and get their nutrition just right. At the pet shop expert staff are on hand to help and advise, plus there’s an unrivalled selection of both wet and dry food.

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